Flashback Game #1

Guin Dracule sits in the town of Poisson after handling the off wizard and his structure being built outside the town. A cave-in, cave dwelling rat-creatures, a dungeon teeming with monsters slaughtered by his haphazard party…

Guin thinks back to Bird, the elf girl who was also “hired” as an information gatherer by the mayor. When Guin had questioned him, the mayor hadn’t known what he was talking about, he had sent no women to assist… But she wore his sigil… that all seems like so long ago, but it was merely a month…

Guin’s thoughts fade to nothing as he drifts into a shallow sleep—

-that he is woken from several hours louder by a loud pounding on the door at his urban flat. (He hadn’t tended to his rural land in a while… He should get to that…) Guin stumbles towards the door, being certain to check the peephole he installed himself. (Darn these fishing towns not using peepholes-someone could get killed, damnit.) Looking outside the peephole, Guins eyes settle on… nothing. His ever-burning torch was…. missing?

Eventually the pounding becomes lower and the knocker makes herself known to Guin by slipping that same sigil under the door. After a knock on the head, a drunken explanation and collapse on a couch, Bird’s traveling companion explains the two of them are on the run from someone with a great distaste for the two of them after being severely swindled. Zelianope, as he calls himself, requests that the two of them stay the night (or more) at Guin’s for safekeeping. Since Bird had already begun to enjoy the hospitality, Guin ceded his house to be used as a hideout.

With dawn barely peeking over the horizon, yet another alarming knock threw Guin and Zee from their respective slumbers. Before they knew it, those men chasing Bird and Zee were attempting to kick down the front door. Immediately Guin sprang into action and jumped at the roof; Zee launched himself through the window next to the door, landing in the street; Bird dragged her lazy ass off the couch to get her rapier.

The battle ended almost as quickly as it began. Guin, Zee and Bird survived with limited wounds, while their foes were not so lucky. Guin even went so far as to chase a fleeing foe down and end him in the streets of his hometown.

The party was safe again. For now.


shannonbobannon shannonbobannon

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