The Eyes Open

The adventure begins...

In an unknown and unfamiliar world, our players open their eyes to a confusing setting: An old woman sits across from them, her skin more wrinkles than flesh; the smell of cinnamon fills their nostrils to an almost sickening level; the room is nothing more than a hut with thatched roof. Before a moment can pass, the old wrinkled woman smiles and claps her hands, disappearing out of sight.
The group, left alone in the silent hut turn to each other—to faces they recognize, but no idea how they know each other. Each wears a matching sigil somewhere on their person. A cluster of gems: red, green, and blue.

The group size each other up in the hopes that a memory of these people will be triggered.

First there is Guin, a tall, blonde haired blue eyed human dressed in monk’s robes with two swords sheathed across his back.
Next to him, Zelianope, so mysterious that he has no description! (Make your character page, Tim!)
Next to Zelianope in the semi-circle, Bird, a small-built elven girl with brown hair pulled back by the sigil barrette and sharp blue eyes. On her back is a red cape; on her side is a rapier.
On her left, the last remaining party member, Hibasi, an elan with red hair, gray eyes and mysterious intentions.

The party scours the hut for clues, taking trinkets with them including jars with ribbons on them and the mat the old woman sat upon. The groups emerges from the small deserted hut to find an even more deserted village. Smaller, similar huts dot the dry ground around them, but no sign of life can be found. After further exploration, the party “stumbles” across what Hibasi states is a very familiar religious building—yet not where it belongs. The Hall of the Gods, normally nestled in the cradle of a city, stands before them. The party investigates nearly every inch—even going so far as to break holes in walls and climb to the roof of the structure. Everything about it seems odd. Yet they have little time to worry as they are attacked by a carrion crawler! They seem safe within the walls, protected by the gods, but the crawler burrows into the ground to feast on what it thinks will be a delicious buffet. While all fight bravely, in the course of the fight Zelianope is paralyzed and a God Window (Erythnyul) is shattered by Guin. But, spectacularly, the fight is ended with a belly-flop from above by Guin.

The party sets out, curbing around a deep forest, and eventually arriving at a four-way crossroads. To their left, the party can see the edges of a city, and a sign pointing to the name: Thelanduv. Straight ahead appear to be deep valleys and rollings hills, with a sign reading Fayador. To their right, great mountains loom while the sign declares the name of the land in a language no one can understand. They press on towards those mountains, to questionable terrain and uncertain ends….


shannonbobannon shannonbobannon

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